jBART. Preparing UBUNTU

Very often, users have many questions about how to run jbart on ubuntu/linux. Here I will describe everything that needs to be done in the system to successfully launch jbart. All of the data are valid for versions of Ubuntu 14.04 and above (tested on Ubuntu 15.04 amd64).

MIUI Updater

New look to MIUI Updater app Universal Updater app for all MIUI communities. It will give you the choice of update server (including the original one). See screenshots.

WSM Project

WSM a.k.a. What Surprised MITU Xposed author: rovo89, Tungstwenty Graphics: DriffeX Xposed framework (originally developed by rovo89), rewritten to support MIUI roms with a bunch of modules to customize MIUI roms. Also supports original Xposed modules from original Xposed module repository. Allows to modify source code and resources on-the-fly without modifying applications.

Weather BZ

Highly customizable weather Android application with a lot of settings, notifications, launcher widgets, themes support (for weather animations, weather icons), etc.


«All-in-One» tool for Android rom developers Current version: 3h Graphics: DriffeX Description Application for automating rom translation process, deodexing roms, modifying Android applications, parcsing translation xml files to get difference between translation and original xml files, creating incremental OTA update files for roms. The core for editing applications (in free license) is apktool.

MIUI ICS Porting manual

Данное руководство предназначено для тех, кто хочет видеть MIUI v4 на своем устройстве, но данная прошивка для него не выпускается официально. Перед тем, как начать портирование, нужно немного подготовиться. А именно скачать несколько утилит и приложений (если вы их еще не скачали и не пользуетесь ими, конечно 😉 ). Итак, начнем.

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