Java/Android Developer

Name: Andrei Zhukouski
E-mail: az.burgerz (at)
LinkedIn: azhukouski

A forward thinking developer offering 4+ years of experience building, integrating and supporting Android applications for mobile devices on the Android platform, and 5+ years of experience building, testing core java applications.

I do not limit myself with only coding. I care about User Experience, Graphical Design and QA. I’m a quick learner, a result-oriented professional, effective interpersonal communication, and efficient problem resolution.

I love what I do.

• 4 years experience in Android application development (including NDK).
• 5 years experience of core java application development.
• 10 years of software development experience (other languages).
• Knowledge of utility frameworks and markup languages (JSON, GSON, HTML, XML , CSS, JavaScript).
• Experience in SQLite, ContentProviders, Networking and other key Android technologies.
• Knowledge of Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, including Gradle setup with dependencies, Git.
• Able to work independently with effective time management in a fast paced environment.
• Able to work across teams and with remote teams.
• Excellent communication, logical and problem solving skills.

Key Projects

Project#1: Weather BZ
Description: Highly customizable weather Android application with a lot of settings, notifications, launcher widgets, themes support (for weather animations, weather icons), etc.
Installs: 325,000+

Project#2: Mi Weather
Description: Port of weather application from MIUI roms in iPhone style, able to run on non-MIUI phones, but with some more settings (translate location names into device default language, units converter).
Installs: 300,000+

Project#3: WSM Project
Description: Xposed framework (originally developed by rovo89), rewritten to support MIUI roms with a bunch of modules to customize MIUI roms. Also supports original Xposed modules from original Xposed module repository. Allows to modify source code and resources on-the-fly without modifying applications.
Installs: +++

Project#4: MIUI Updater
Description: Universal MIUI rom Updater app for all MIUI communities. It will give you the choice of update server (including the original one from Xiaomi).
Installs: +++

Project#5: ROM Center
Description: Client/Server Android application. Install/update roms, recovery, handle backups, etc.
Installs: not yet, in development

Project#6: Apktool (as contributor)
Description: A tool for reverse engineering Android apk files
Installs: —

Project#7: jBART
Description: Core java desktop application. Complex universal desktop application for Android rom developers. Features: deodexing roms, translate roms into different languages (translations are repositories with translated xml resources for each apk in rom), powerful patching system for applications (apk/jar), translations parser (to find differences in original and translation xml files with capability to build combined xml), incremental rom update file (zip) creator from previous and current build zips,  and a lot of other useful features. It has integrated self-update system, licensing system (most of features are not available for default license).
Installs: +++

There are some other Android projects, that is not yet published or released

Work experience in Android development

  • Android developer for myself and for people


  • Belarusian State University, faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies
  • Belsoft
  • IBA


  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  • Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA)
  • VCP