MIUI Updater

Автор: | 19.06.2014

New look to MIUI Updater app

Universal Updater app for all MIUI communities. It will give you the choice of update server (including the original one). See screenshots.


URL and server response examples

Server request URL:


  • g — android_id (device serial number, required by miui.com)
  • i — imei (required by miui.com)
  • v — modVersion («MIUI-4.6.6» for ex., MIUI- followed by current installed incremental version)
  • c — codebase (android base, like «4.1.2» or «4.4.2», etc.)
  • d — device (device name)
  • b — branch («X» for weekly builds, «S» for stable builds)
  • l — locale (required by miui.com to force english changelogs)

Example (Nexus 5 with installed MIUI v4.6.6, based on android 4.4.2, server — miui.com original):


Server response could be encrypted (as the original one) or raw json. To get encrypted server responce you need to encrypt the raw json output string with AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding like this (PHP):

$key = "miuiotavalided11";
$iv = "0102030405060708";
$encryptedtext = mcrypt_encrypt(MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128, $key, add_pkcs5padding($ota_json), MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, $iv);
echo base64_encode($encryptedtext);
Server response (installed ver. 4.6.6, server ver. 4.6.10)
Server response (installed ver. 4.6.6, server ver. 4.6.11)
Server response (installed ver. 4.6.11, server ver. 4.6.11 - no updates)


  • UserLevel
  • LatestVersion — the latest available version from update server
  • UpdateList — the current installed rom information
  • IncrementalUpdateList — the list of ota packages available for current version
  • MirrorList — base url to build the final update url at the phone side
  • Signup — this is just dummy info (rom rating), not used right now
  • AuthResult
  • ForceUpdate
  • Cta

Supported branch codes (taken from original miui)

  • «S» — monthly build
  • «X» — weekly build
  • «D» — daily build
  • «E» — emegency build
  • «F» — stable build
  • «A» — experimental build
  • «I» — internal build
  • «T» — top secret build
  • «U» — unstable build

The most common branch codes to use are: X for weekly updates and D for daily updates (beta testers only)

… to be continued


MIUI Updater public beta 26

Everything you do with your phone is on your own! Think twice before flashing ROM using this application. I’m NOT responsible for any damage made to your device by you.