Weather BZ

Автор: | 26.01.2013

Highly customizable weather Android application with a lot of settings, notifications, launcher widgets, themes support (for weather animations, weather icons), etc.


  • Weather forecast for 7 days, realtime and hourly weather data
  • Three weather providers (Foreca, Accuweather and Weather Underground)
  • Turn off weather updates if you are in roaming
  • Network type selection (WiFi only, or any available data connection)
  • Customizable main screen, launcher widgets (you can choose what data should be shown)
  • Notifications
  • Highly customizable app widgets
  • Customizable colors for text and images
  • Setting different apps to launch on app widgets areas click
  • «Silent hours» option (when active app will not update weather data and itself)
  • Weather animations and icons themes support (in test mode)
  • Moon phases
  • A lot of other nice stuff


  • Английский (English)
  • Русский (Russian)
  • Украинский (Ukrainian)
  • Итальянский (Italian)
  • Румынский (Romanian)
  • Датский (Danish)
  • Венгерский (Hungarian)
  • Французский (French)
  • Чешский (Czech)
  • Словацкий (Slovak)
  • Польский (Polish)
  • Немецкий (German)
  • Индонезийский (Indonesian)
  • Испанский (Spanish)
  • others
Changelog (before v5.x)

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