Weather BZ

Автор: | 26.01.2013

Highly customizable weather Android application with a lot of settings, notifications, launcher widgets, themes support (for weather animations, weather icons), etc.


  • Weather forecast for 7 days, realtime and hourly weather data
  • Three weather providers (Foreca, Accuweather and Weather Underground)
  • Turn off weather updates if you are in roaming
  • Network type selection (WiFi only, or any available data connection)
  • Customizable main screen, launcher widgets (you can choose what data should be shown)
  • Notifications
  • Highly customizable app widgets
  • Customizable colors for text and images
  • Setting different apps to launch on app widgets areas click
  • «Silent hours» option (when active app will not update weather data and itself)
  • Weather animations and icons themes support (in test mode)
  • Moon phases
  • A lot of other nice stuff


  • Английский (English)
  • Русский (Russian)
  • Украинский (Ukrainian)
  • Итальянский (Italian)
  • Румынский (Romanian)
  • Датский (Danish)
  • Венгерский (Hungarian)
  • Французский (French)
  • Чешский (Czech)
  • Словацкий (Slovak)
  • Польский (Polish)
  • Немецкий (German)
  • Индонезийский (Indonesian)
  • Испанский (Spanish)
  • others
Changelog (before v5.x)

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  • Gon

    This is a great app!! One bug seems the manual location (city) search. Tried differen city providers, and could not find some cities, e.g. «Gral. Pacheco» (Argentina). Oddly, these cities are found through the weather bz automatic location (gps). How to fix the manual location (city) search?

  • Dimon

    How to disconnect a sound, very much irritates